A regulatory blizzard: China’s private-sector crackdown


THIS WEEK’S TOPIC: What impact, if any, will China’s private-sector crackdown have on Singapore’s businesses and economy?

Joanne Wong
VP, International Markets

As Chinese tech companies face growing pressures at home, they will have their eye on alternative bases beyond their borders. Singapore, with its strong business climate and connectivity to the rest of Asia, is a natural frontrunner. More are expected to join the ranks of Chinese tech giants that have set up regional hubs here, and turn to us as a hotspot for innovation and investment.

This will undoubtedly inject new life to our nascent tech ecosystem and bring about exciting opportunities for local businesses. But to sustain investors’ attention in the long run, we must build on our core business fundamentals – a stable legal and political environment, pipeline of local talent, and strong cyber competencies – and demonstrate that our digital economy is one that is built to last.