COVID-19 and the Privacy Problem

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According to LogRhythm CMO, Cindy Zhou, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many businesses facing data privacy questions as they monitor the impact of the virus on their organisation.

“In response to these concerns, we have seen international authorities take action to encourage, and in some instances require organisations to monitor and respond to these evolving cybersecurity and data privacy issues,” she told CMO.

“Marketers are faced with more regulation and stricter guidelines on our ability to procure contacts, yet the lead generation expectations are high. The idea of a worldwide privacy framework is hard to fathom right now, but I believe is needed to ensure consistency in how we manage privacy and consent. The current landscape of GDPR in Europe, California’s CCPA, and Canada’s CASL have nuances in the text that creates confusion for global marketers.”

Beyond the current period, Zhou saw the need for a clear and accurate public statement from authorities about what personal data is being collected, why it is being collected, with whom (if anyone) it will be shared, how it will be secured, and how long it will be retained.