Salvation Army Australia achieves game-changing cybersecurity with LogRhythm

Lachlan McGill_Salvation Army

“During the past two years in particular, we had come to the realization that the way in which our infrastructure was being protected from cyberthreats was not as strong as it needed to be,” said Lachlan McGill, Executive Manager Cybersecurity, Information Technology Services at Salvation Army Australia. “It was clear that we need to remove what was essentially a gap in our visibility to ensure we did not fall victim to a potentially damaging attack.”

“What we liked about LogRhythm over its competitors was its large array of pre-built integrations, and its superior automation and orchestration capabilities,” said McGill. “We were also attracted by the ease of use of the analyst console and the platform’s very competitive pricing.”

McGill said the Salvation Army IT team was also impressed with the knowledge and experience exhibited by managed services provider Seamless Intelligence which had proposed the LogRhythm solution.

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