Network Monitor Freemium

Real-Time Visibility into Your Network

Transform your physical or virtual system into a network forensics sensor in a matter of minutes. Your investigations will come together effortlessly with extensive corresponding metadata, full packet capture, and customizable advanced correlation.
Automatic recognition of over 2,700 applications will ensure you’re getting full visibility, easily.

With Network Monitor Freemium, you’ll quickly identify emerging threats on your network.

Figure 1: Network Monitor Freemium screenshot

Rapidly drill down to the details that matter with Network Monitor
Freemium’s intuitive, customizable dashboards.

With Network Monitor Freemium, you will:

  • Understand your network with Layer 2-7 visibility
  • Detect unauthorized and unwanted applications
  • Immediately recognize suspicious network activity, including lateral movement
  • Identify and prevent sensitive data loss
  • Expedite network layer forensic analysis and investigations
As an early adopter, I’ve found that LogRhythm Network Monitor is one of the most compelling tools for analyzing traffic and is an excellent resource for analysis.

Key Features

DDPI icon

True Application Identification: Identify over 2,700 applications to expedite network forensics using advanced classification methods and a commercial-grade deep packet inspection (DPI) engine.

Full Packet Capture icon

Full Packet Capture: Capture every bit crossing your network or use SmartCapture™ to selectively capture sessions based on application or packet content. All captures are stored in industry-standard PCAP format.

Deep Packets icon

Deep Packet Analytics (DPA): Continuously correlate against full packet payload and SmartFlow™ metadata using out-of-the-box rules and customizable scripts.

Search icon

Unstructured Search: Perform ad hoc analysis. Drill down to critical flow and packet data quickly. With our Elasticsearch backend, you have a “Google-like” search engine to streamline your investigation.

Full Packet Capture icon

Alerts & Dashboards: Perform continuous, automated analysis on saved searches to immediately detect when specific conditions are met, and then surface these instances through customizable analyst dashboards.

Application Data icon

File Reconstruction: Reconstruct email file attachments to support malware analysis and data loss monitoring.

Network Monitor Freemium vs. Full Commercial License

Network Monitor Freemium provides the same functionality as a full Network Monitor license, but with limits on processing, packet storage, and data forwarding. All other features and functionality are enabled and usable, including unstructured search, deep packet analytics, packet capture, and more.

Feature Network Monitor Freemium License Network Monitor
Full License
Unstructured Search Across All Network Data
Deep Packet Analysis
Full Packet Capture & Smart Capture
True Application Identification for 2,700+ Applications
Continuous Search based Alerting
Data Forwarding via Syslog Diagnostics and Alarms
Data Processing Rate Up to 1 Gbps Up to 10 Gbps
Packet Capture Storage License 1 GB Unlimited
Metadata Indexing Retention Up To 3 Days Up To 30 Days
Support Online, through Network Monitor Community only Enterprise-grade phone and chat support

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