Gabrielle Hempel

Customer Solutions Engineer

Gabrielle Hempel is a Customer Solutions Engineer at LogRhythm, distinguished by a diverse expertise that encompasses Cloud Engineering, Vulnerability Management, and Network Detection and Response (NDR). Having earned an MS in Cybersecurity and Global Affairs from NYU, Gabrielle presented an impactful Masters Thesis on Critical Infrastructure Security, accomplished in close collaboration with the Department of Homeland Security.

In 2022, she was named an ‘Emerging Leader’ by the National Security Innovation Network, and she has keynoted multiple conferences and taken the stage at esteemed events such as BlackHat and DefCon. This thought leadership is further reflected in her extensive publication history, with articles gracing both peer-reviewed journals and assorted media outlets.

Her active involvement is evident in roles like the NOC at global BlackHat conferences and as a Briefings Review Board member for Black Hat MEA. A commitment to community service shines through her volunteering with the Marine Corp Cyber Auxiliary and fostering collaborations with a myriad of law enforcement and professional organizations, aiming to advance the cybersecurity landscape.

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