Patrick Greenwood

Cybersecurity Expert, Published Author, Advisor Board Member

My Role

I am currently a published author and blog frequently around cybersecurity trends, including malware, ransomware, and the financial impacts of cyberattacks. Additionally, I often speak at ISSA, ISACA, and FBI InfraGard events throughout the U.S.

My Story

I have both an MBA and a BA degree in Marketing and leverage these with executive conversations to technology and financial Returns on investment conversations. I have served as mentor and coach for many up-and-coming sales teams representing various products and industries, helping them achieve President’s Clubs and other industry acknowledgments. 

I co-wrote the master’s degree program at the Cal State San Marcos in 2016 and created a series of programs for students to understand malware and endpoint hacking prevention.

My Philosophy

I’ve been in the technology field since 1982. I started as a Fortran programmer and later on became a Cisco engineer and information security product specialist. For years, I continue to emerge myself into developing better business models around deployment and enablement of cybersecurity capabilities for clients to better understand the value and the true return on investment with INFOSEC tools.

My Qualifications

BS in Global Marketing – University of Phoenix online 

MBA – Global Marketing – University of Phoenix online

Global Certificate in Technology Leadership – Cornell University

Internet of Things – Business Driver Certification – MIT