LogRhythm Granted Comprehensive US Patent for Integrated Log and Event Management Platform

Innovation Centers on Content-Aware Log Processing, Management, Analysis and Event Management

Jan. 28, 2010 – LogRhythm, the company that makes log data useful, today announced that it has received a patent from the United States Patent & Trademark Office for several key components of the technology underlying the LogRhythm log and event management platform (Title: Log Collection, Structuring and Processing: U.S. Patent # 7,653,633). The patent covers innovations developed by LogRhythm that span content-aware log processing, log management, log analysis, and event management.

“Our vision has always been to deliver the next generation solution for Log Management, Analysis and Security Event Management,” said Chris Petersen, co-founder and CTO of LogRhythm. “This patent validates we were first to understand and deliver a truly integrated, content-aware solution capable of addressing future needs. The technological approach and methods covered by this patent form the foundation for the future of Security Information & Event Management, or what we like to call SIEM.”

Highlights of LogRhythm Patent

The comprehensive patent issued to LogRhythm by the United States Patent & Trademark Office includes claims relating to:

  • Content-based log processing – parsing logs into content data fields
  • Intelligent log archiving – archiving log data such that archiving rules are based in part on log content
  • Content-based log and event prioritization
  • Event processing – the further processing of logs first designated as events
  • Log classification – where log processing is related to application monitoring, security, operations, auditing or regulatory compliance
  • Identification and use of log data content specifying host, log source, IP address, program and login
  • Application of metadata to parsed logs for use in archiving or restoration
  • Use of an agent for monitoring and collecting logs, associating metadata with parsed logs, and/or forwarding log data
  • Tagging logs with metadata and/or use of regular expressions for deeper log processing, analysis, correlation, alerting and/or search
  • Accessing Windows event log data and collecting those logs via standard logging and message protocols
  • Identification of Windows event log time stamp
  • Time stamp normalization of Windows event logs across time zones, local clock offsets and platform times
About LogRhythm

LogRhythm helps busy and lean security operations teams save the day — day after day. There’s a lot riding on the shoulders of security professionals — the reputation and success of their company, the safety of citizens and organizations across the globe, the security of critical resources — the weight of protecting the world.

LogRhythm helps lighten this load. The company is on the frontlines defending against many of the world’s most significant cyberattacks and empowers security teams to navigate an ever-changing threat landscape with confidence. As allies in the fight, LogRhythm combines a comprehensive and flexible security operations platform, technology partnerships, and advisory services to help SOC teams close the gaps. Together, LogRhythm is ready to defend. Learn more at logrhythm.com.

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