LogRhythm’s comprehensive reporting capabilities combine the convenience of prepackaged reports with the flexibility of custom, on-the-fly reports to allow for effortless and meaningful distribution of data. Every LogRhythm solution comes with over 800 pre-defined reports plus hundreds of additional templates that can be used to create an unlimited number of custom reports for security, operations and compliance use cases.

Reports can be scheduled for delivery or generated on-demand. They are easily accessed via the real-time Personal Dashboard, email notifications and alerts or exported tools to formats such as Excel files.

LogRhythm can be configured to send alerts and reports directly to individuals, groups, shared directories, helpdesks or any combination, allowing for the effective dissemination of information across a distributed workforce.

Predefined Reports

LogRhythm continually releases predefined reports that help customers fully use LogRhythm to support their organizational goals. Predefined reports provide summaries, details and top activity lists that address specific security, operations and auditing needs.

For example, LogRhythm includes over 100 predefined reports on user activity (e.g., account management activity, applications accessed by user, top suspicious users, new account summary and terminated account summary), giving admins complete visibility into suspicious user behavior on the corporate network.

In addition to detailed and event summary reports, LogRhythm provides executive-level summary and trending reports for a high-level overview of IT security, operations and audits. These reports are designed to provide strategic insight to executives while allowing others to focus on the details.

LogRhythm’s executive summaries make it easy to identify important network trends. The visual reports make it easy for viewers to move from a macro view of the network to setting priorities for areas of the network that need the most attention quickly.

Compliance Reports

LogRhythm provides one-click, out-of-the box automation suites that help users fully support their compliance needs. Every LogRhythm solution comes with a full suite of automated compliance reports for SOX, PCI, FISMA, GLBA, HIPAA, NERC CIP, GPG 13 and more.

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Custom Reports

LogRhythm includes extensive capabilities for allowing users to create reports unique to their needs. A wizard-based tool lets users easily create custom templates and specify a logical structure and layout for the report data tailored to their needs.

Choose from metadata fields to include in the template and create templates at detail, summary and top levels. Once a template has been created, it can be shared and used across multiple reports providing virtually unlimited reporting capabilities.

Another unique capability of LogRhythm’s reporting functionality is the ability to instantly generate reports based off any investigation, search or AI Engine rule violation. This allows users to effectively document and distribute information regarding a particular incident to the appropriate personnel.

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