LogRhythm NDR

360-Degree Visibility that Protects Your Network

See What Dwells in the Dark

LogRhythm NDR enables overwhelmed security teams to detect network cyberattacks efficiently and effectively with advanced analytics. NDR collects user, host, and network data and utilizes both machine learning and deterministic detection techniques to gain seamless visibility, reducing the dwell time of threats that live outside the perimeter. With LogRhythm NDR, security teams can easily hunt and investigate surfaced incidents to help reduce the cost associated with attacks that usually go unnoticed. 

LogRhythm NDR

Mitigating Advanced Threats with NDR

To overcome greater security risks, you need to detect advanced attacks that evade perimeter tools. In addition, it’s critical to monitor and analyze massive amounts of network data in your environment. Learn how a network detection and response solution can help!

Enable Your Network Team to Defend Against Known and Unknown Threats

Eliminate Gaps in Visibility

Not every device can have an agent installed, and not every device can send a log. LogRhythm NDR provides a comprehensive view into all enterprise devices, entities, and network traffic while analyzing traffic flows across the environment, including activity that moves laterally.

Detect the Undetectable

It’s the invisible threat that can harm your business. LogRhythm NDR identifies traffic anomalies that signal malicious activity such as command and control, lateral movement, data exfiltration, and malware activities. LogRhythm NDR can detect sophisticated evasion methods or “known unknown” cyber threats and brand new zero-day threats or “unknown unknowns.”

Reduce Dwell Time

Reduce the pool of threats that need investigation. Our advanced analytics provides higher-fidelity alarms across the entire network to surface the most pertinent threats and reduce attacker dwell time by exposing their activity without them knowing.

Lower Costs

Our flexible, centralized patented mesh technology ensures on-site analysis of network traffic as the data is not shipped to the cloud to perform the analytics, keeping costs predictable and affordable.

Realize a Faster Time to Value with LogRhythm Services

Our Services team can help you safeguard your mission-critical systems with expert support, guidance, and can help get your systems onboarded quickly to obtain rapid results. 

Focus on the Cyberthreats that Matter

Higher Fidelity Alarms Across Your Network

While other NDR solutions rely solely on machine learning applied to single streams of data to detect threats, LogRhythm uses analytics that combine machine learning and deterministic detection techniques to analyze network, user, and host activity. This holistic approach provides a true representation of all activity within the enterprise domain, making it possible to detect in real time lateral movement, exfiltration, malware compromise, ransomware, and unknown threats.   

Threat Investigation Made Easy

Built-in MITRE ATT&CK engine combined with real-time and historical visualization tools help analysts hunt for threats.  Easily discover anomalous activity across various attributes, protocols, and geographies with high-level summaries and side-by-side threat hunting that give context into threat activities. Gain greater clarity and faster analysis and decision making through incident timelines that combine detections and engines. Over 20,000 out-of-thebox detection rules provide immediate protection against known security threats and rule customization helps meet specific industry security and compliance needs.

Visibility Across Your Network

Real-time network monitoring gathers data from within your environment across users, networks, and hosts to provide relevant, contextual information that streamlines your investigations. NDR is agentless and ingests data and logs to monitor OS and workload behaviors across environments.  Plug and play integration with SIEM, EDR, and other security solutions simplifies deployment, delivers broader threat detection, and provides comprehensive visibility across your environment. 

Architecture Built for Your Environment

LogRhythm NDR’s mesh architecture technology eliminates data movement between locations to minimize transport charges and to optimize scalability. By utilizing distributed computing to scale data collection and analytics, NDR co-locates analytic processing alongside our collection engines constructing a distributed mesh for data processing. By easily collecting and enriching data on location, operating costs are reduced, and privacy risk and compliance issues are eliminated.

Read LogRhythm NDR Customer Case Study

Curious to see how customers use LogRhythm NDR to enhance their network detection? 

In this case study, learn how an organization in the transportation industry used LogRhythm NDR to detect malware and quickly respond before a serious breach occurred.

LogRhythm NDR case study for transportation customer cover

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LogRhythm NDR

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