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LogRhythm UserXDR

Detect and Stop Insider Threats in Their Tracks

User-based threats, such as compromised accounts and malicious insiders continue to increase risk and exposure across organizations, adding complexity to the already difficult challenge of defending against an evolving threat landscape. UserXDR, LogRhythm’s user entity behavioral analytics (UEBA) solution, automatically identifies and prioritizes anomalous user behavior, bringing enhanced visibility and efficiency to the detection of these malicious threats.

Quickly Find and Protect Against Known and Unknown Adversaries

Elevate threat hunting capabilities

Rapidly identify and investigate anomalous behavior to discover unknown threats

Increase detection accuracy of known threats

Reduce false positives through additional corroboration with user-based risk scores

Accelerate threat mitigation with embedded SOAR

Immediately respond to malicious activity with automated response actions

Gain Unique Insights From Behavioral Analysis Through Machine Learning

LogRhythm UserXDR deepens your knowledge using machine learning and analytics.

User-Based Risk Scores
Behavioral analysis establishes baselines and generates user scores that provide prioritization and evidence-based starting points to enhance investigations.

TrueIdentity™ User Attribution
Ensures accurate and collective analysis of all associated user activity by mapping disparate accounts and unique identifiers to build a singular user identity for comprehensive monitoring.

Event Timeline
Accelerate threat hunting and increase detection accuracy with user- and peer group-based contextual data that illustrates baseline deviation and threat progression.

Embedded SOAR
Built-in security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) capabilities accelerate detection and resolution of known and unknown user-based threats.

Solve the Most Common User-Based Threat Use Cases

Identify Malicious Insider Threats
Malicious insiders cause damaging, headline-making cyberbreaches and acts of sabotage. Monitor for data exfiltration, policy violations, and other dangerous activity.

Uncover Compromised Accounts
Attackers use compromised account credentials in an overwhelming number of breaches. Distinguish between legitimate account activity and compromised account activity through behavior profiling and anomaly detection. Discover the imposter before a damaging breach occurs.

Track Unauthorized Data Access and Exfiltration
When a compromised user account or a rogue insider finds sensitive data, you need to know. Our full-spectrum analytics and file integrity monitoring (FIM) can help you immediately detect when a user inappropriately accesses protected data.

Expose Privilege Abuse and Misuse
Your privileged users have the keys to the kingdom, presenting a greater risk to your organization. Track how users are applying these privileges by monitoring for unauthorized account creation, privilege escalation, abnormal access, and other risky activity.

Learn How to Defeat Threats with User Data

Sixty-nine percent of organizations reported a recent insider data exfiltration attempt. Learn how to protect your environment with user and entity behavior analytics.

Arm Your SOC with the LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform

UserXDR and NetworkXDR build upon the LogRhythm XDR Stack to round out our robust NextGen SIEM Platform for flexibility to easily grow and scale with changing requirements.

With the LogRhythm XDR Stack, your team has an integrated set of capabilities that deliver on the fundamental mission of your SOC — threat monitoring, threat hunting, threat investigation, and incident response — at a low total cost of ownership.

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Swiftly search across your organization’s vast stores of log and other machine data to easily find answers, identify IT and security incidents, and quickly hunt down threats and issues.

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Don’t get bogged down in meaningless alarms. With advanced machine analytics that automatically surface, corroborate, and prioritize threats, your team will accurately detect malicious activity through risk-based prioritized alarms that immediately surface critical threats.

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Work smarter, not harder. Automate, collaborate, streamline, and evolve your team with security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) that is seamlessly integrated into the LogRhythm NextGen SIEM.

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See LogRhythm UserXDR in Action

Learn how UserXDR can expedite your time to detect and respond to insider threats.

Learn Why LogRhythm is the InfoSec Awards 2020 Market Leader in SIEM and UEBA

“Isn’t it time to stop the breaches and get one step ahead of the next threat? LogRhythm has won the Market Leader SIEM Solution and Market Leader User Behavior Analytics Solution Awards because they are an innovator that might actually help you reach this goal and defeat the next generation of exploiters.” – Gary S. Miliefsky, CEO of Cyber Defense Media Group.