Product Data Sheets

The below data sheets provide detailed information on LogRhythm features and capabilities.

AI Engine

Admin Co-Pilot Service

Analytics Co-Pilot Service

ArcSight to LogRhythm Transition Service

CloudAI for UEBA

Cloud Security

Collection Technology

Core Threat Detection Module

Current Active Threats Module

Data Processing and Indexing Tiers

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Endpoint Monitoring and Forensics

Epic Hyperspace App

File Integrity Monitoring

High Availability Solutions

High Performance Appliances

Identity Analytics

Labs Embedded Expertise

LogRhythm Cloud

LogRhythm for Compliance 2018

LogRhythm NDR

LogRhythm NetMon

LogRhythm SysMon

LogRhythm UEBA Product Overview

Minimizing Risk and Maximizing Value


NDR Co-Pilot Service

Network Threat Detection Module

Precision Search

Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR)

Services for Customer Success

SIEM/Security Intelligence for MSP/MSSPs

SmartResponse Automation Framework

Threat Intelligence Ecosystem

Threat Management Foundations (TMF) Service

UAE-NESA Compliance Automation Suite

Unified UEBA and Threat Lifecycle Management