Speed and Scalability Matter: SANS LogRhythm 7 Review

Speed and Scalability Matter

SANS Puts the LogRhythm Platform to the Test

Just How Scalable, Fast, and Accurate is the LogRhythm Platform?

When your team is faced with defending against evolving threats, speed to detect and respond is critical. Analysts need actionable information in as near real time as possible—without getting bogged down with unnecessary noise.

In this review, SANS put the LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform to the test to see its overall performance when placed under the daunting load of 130,000 log sources and 26 billion logs per day.

Read the full review to learn SANS’ findings on LogRhythm’s enterprise-grade platform capabilities, such as:
  • An indexing rate of 300,000 messages per second (MPS)
  • A clustered Elasticsearch indexing layer that supports large log volumes of data for investigation and remediation
  • Strengths that include data processing, machine analytics, rapid search, and drilldown
  • Strong security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) capabilities through case management and SmartResponse™
  • The ability to benchmark mean time to detect and respond to threats