UAE-NESA Compliance

Protect data and infrastructure in the UAE by meeting the national electronic security regulations

The National Electronic Security Authority (NESA) — the federal authority for United Arab Emirates (UAE) that’s charged with strengthening the nation’s cybersecurity measures — is making greater strides to protect critical sectors against cyberattacks.

To protect the UAE’s data and information infrastructure, NESA developed mandatory standards for government organizations, semi-government groups, and business entities that are identified as critical infrastructure to follow. Yet, not all of those organizations are capable of addressing the guidelines solely on their own. Fortunately, LogRhythm can help.

UAE-NESA standards

The UAE-NESA standards consists of 188 security controls which are divided into two families: Management and Technical security controls.

Management Control FamilyTechnical Control Family
M1: Strategy and PlanningT1: Asset Management
M2: Information Security Risk ManagementT2: Physical and Environmental Security
M3: Awareness and TrainingT3: Operations Management
M4: Human Resource SecurityT4: Communications
M5: ComplianceT5: Access Control
M6: Performance Evaluation and ImprovementT6: Third-Party Security
T7: Information Systems Acquisition, Development, and Maintenance
T8: Information Security Incident Management
T9: Information Security Continuity Management

These controls are further categorized into four priority levels (P1–P4) based on their relative impact to mitigate common threats and build foundational capabilities.

Meeting the UAE-NESA regulation with LogRhythm

LogRhythm’s UAE-NESA Compliance Automation Suite provides pre-packaged content that is automatically associated with the correct UAE-NESA asset categories, easing compliance concerns. The suite also helps organizations identify areas of non-compliance in real time using prebuilt investigations and alarms that allow for immediate analysis of activities that impact critical systems.

LogRhythm enables organizations to add forensic evidence to cases and centralize that evidence to create and customize dashboards to meet the UAE-NESA regulation. Incident response is a key component of the suite and provides case-management capabilities that help accelerate response time to suspected threats and compliance issues.

LogRhythm’s UAE-NESA Compliance Automation Suite helps organizations:

  • Save time with prebuilt AI Engine rules and alerts mapped to UAE-NESA controls
  • Leverage customization capabilities that fit a company’s specific IT environment and policies
  • Strengthen security workflows with case management and automation playbooks
  • Quickly document evidence of compliance with predefined reports
  • Rapidly respond to threats and compliance violations with LogRhythm’s UAE-NESA Compliance Automation Suite.

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