Security Operations Maturity Model

LogRhythm’s guide to assessing and improving the maturity of your security operations

Where to start with SOMM?

Take the Security Maturity Self-Assessment to score your organization’s current level of security operations maturity, how to improve, and how to build a business use case for investment. 

Knowing your maturity level is just the first step to resiliency.

LogRhythm Security Operations Maturity Model

LogRhythm's Security Operations Maturity Model (SOMM)

LogRhythm developed the Security Operations Maturity Model (SOMM) as a vendor-agnostic tool to help you assess your current maturity and plan to improve it over time.

The model’s five levels of security operations maturity build on the prior, resulting in reduced MTTD/MTTR by strengthening capabilities through process and technology improvements. Use this model to evaluate your organization’s current security operations maturity and develop a roadmap to achieve the appropriate level of maturity for your resources, budget, and risk tolerance.

Read our guide to learn more about SOMM.

Why measure security operations maturity?

Measuring the effectiveness of your security operations can help your security operations center (SOC) team improve their mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to respond (MTTR) to cyber threats — indicators of your security programs’ maturity. Monitoring and measuring these KPIs will move you closer to reducing your organization’s cyber-incident risk.

Watch this demo to see how improvements in security maturity empower a security team to reduce its time to detect and respond to an attack.

Explore more SOMM resources

Dive into the Security Operations Maturity Model and learn how to benchmark your organization’s maturity, create a plan of action, and show the value of your program to your board. 

Schedule a SOMM Workshop

Many security teams don’t know where to begin when uncovering areas for improving their security process. LogRhythm is here to help. In a SOMM Workshop, we will help you develop a roadmap for achieving a level of security maturity that aligns with your organization’s needs.

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