A New Chapter for LogRhythm’s Brand

LogRhythm's logo

2022 is an exciting year for LogRhythm and I am elated to announce the launch of our new brand! As the cybersecurity industry evolves, so do we — our new look embodies a modern representation of our mission, purpose, and core values that we bring to our customers every single day. LogRhythm customers shared that in addition to the technology, they appreciate the partnership and the connection we share on helping security teams do their best work every day.

The Evolution of LogRhythm’s Logo

The evolution of LogRhythm's logo

Goodbye logdots, and say hello to the “LogWave.” Over the years, our logo has served us well by representing how we help organizations detect anomalous logs across vast amounts of data and disparate systems. But today, we deliver so much more than SIEM technology. We have evolved to enable our customers to modernize their security operations, streamline the analyst workflow, enhance threat detection and response, and solve challenging use cases — day after day. However, to our customers, LogRhythm isn’t just about technology. Our success comes from our people and those we partner with to combat cybercrime and make the world a safer place.

The new LogRhythm logo symbolizes the human connection, collaboration, and harmony with our customers required to conquer cybersecurity challenges. It shows a rhythm that ebbs and flows, just like the state of security. It also represents how we always strive for continuous improvement to meet our customer’s needs and become better allies in the fight against cybercrime. This growth mindset continues to scale our operations to the next level, and our new logo reflects that constant evolution and upward trajectory.

Along with the wave, our typography symbolizes a much more modern approach as we help security professionals around the world build a better defense to meet the demands of today’s threat landscape.

Join LogRhythm in being “Ready to Defend”

There is a lot riding on the shoulder of cybersecurity teams. It’s a load LogRhythm helps to lighten. We are allies in the fight to help busy and lean security operations teams close gaps in manpower and increase knowledge of new attacks and techniques.

Our new branding holistically embodies how our technology, partnerships, and advisory services, help security teams navigate a changing threat landscape with confidence. To learn more about how LogRhythm can mature your security posture and reduce risk to the organization, read our corporate brochure today!