Cybersecurity Fundamentals Training as E-Learning

Screenshot from LogRhythm's Self-Paced Training course. Meet Raheema Morris, Senior Analyst in a training scenario waiting to walk you through a "day in the life."

We know that security teams need to focus on confidently and efficiently defending against cyberattacks. While Analyst training is crucial to building a high-performing security team, finding the time to attend hours of training is easier said than done.

To address these challenges, our LogRhythm Training and Enablement team is thrilled to announce the launch of entirely self-paced versions of the LogRhythm University Fundamentals 301, 302, 304, and 305 courses. As part of our new training pivot, we want to make sure your security teams can complete their training without taking time away from defending your business and your customers.

Introducing Cybersecurity Fundamentals as E-Learning

Our new e-Learning training options cover 301 Admin Fundamentals, 302 AI Engine, 304 LogRhythm Cloud Admin Fundamentals, and 305 Analyst Fundamentals, with the added flexibility of on-demand access. We created this with our customers in mind, to accommodate our users’ busy schedules and ensure that our training programs are accessible, engaging, and informative.

How e-learning training works

With on-demand access, we also wanted to make sure our new training program is as engaging as it is informative. Instructors have recorded all exercises within the 301, 302, and 304 courses, along with student exercise guides, learning guides, and more.

Amongst these new offerings, our 305 Analyst Fundamentals course has a completely new scenario-driven look. Learners will go through the course as a new security operations center (SOC) Analyst in a LogRhythm deployed shop, learning from a mentor who will show you step-by-step how to use LogRhythm SIEM. Simulated hands-on exercises and immersive learner experiences provide learners the opportunity to conceptualize LogRhythm’s application in your environment and explore the potential of valuable tools, such as the AI Engine. Learning games, video walk-throughs, and activities are just the beginning of what you can expect with the new 305 course. You can access the self-paced 305 Analyst Fundamentals course now on LogRhythm University.

Upon completion of the 305 Analyst Fundamentals course, participants will be prepared to take the LogRhythm Security Analyst (LRSA) qualifying exam, and those who pass will receive official LRSA certification. We estimate the 305 course will take eight to ten hours to complete, but participants are free to work through the material at your own pace. You can start and stop anywhere within the learning modules, pick up where you left off, revisit previous modules, and more.

Depending on the training program, we have worked to incorporate many of the training aspects offered in our instructor-led courses into our on-demand self-paced format. For our 301, 302, and 304 courses, our virtual machine labs environment is integrated into the courses where applicable, and everything is built to be fully guided so you can work alongside LogRhythm instructors’ tips and tricks. You can access the self-paced 301 Administration Fundamentals course, the self-paced 302 AI Engine Fundamentals course, and the self-paced 304 LogRhythm Cloud Administration Fundamentals course now on LogRhythm University.

Hands-on exercises are also included with the self-paced 301, 302, and 304 courses. Included with the purchase of each individual class, learners will have two weeks of virtual machine lab time, starting from the time of registration, to go through the recorded exercises alongside the instructors (along with the aid of the student exercise guide). Learners will have the option to purchase extended lab time if needed.

For further questions, please contact [email protected] if you are a current customer or [email protected] if you are not a current LogRhythm customer.

How to access e-learning cybersecurity training courses

Along with the exciting launch of our self-paced training program, we are also launching a new subscription services-based model for LogRhythm University. The purchase of a one-year subscription allows for one seat or person to access every course in LogRhythm University as much as needed. If learners need to revisit any course or learning module, they will not need to pay additional charges within the subscription. As these seats will be named, we have also made sure that the seats are transferrable upon attrition with no additional cost to ensure no unplanned costs are incurred due to changes on your security team.

While we are no longer selling training tokens, any previously purchased tokens will be honored and you can continue to use these to register for our training programs through to the end of June 2024.

All e-Learning courses can be accessed through LogRhythm University and are available for existing LogRhythm customers. You can find a complete guide to LogRhythm’s training and certification programs in our Course Catalog. For help accessing a course, please follow this guide located in LogRhythm Community on registering for LogRhythm University classes. LogRhythm University is currently only available to our existing customers and partners. For additional details on our subscription services, please reach out to your Sales Representative or Account Manager.

We will still be offering instructor led training if that is your preference and you can continue to find all of our training offerings in conjunction to our self-paced options in LogRhythm University.