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Introducing Security Spotlights

Introducing Security Spotlights

Gain the Cybersecurity Insights Needed to Reduce Noise, Prioritize Work and Quickly Secure Your Environment.

Your cybersecurity needs are constantly changing as cybersecurity threats continue to evolve and increase in complexity.

At LogRhythm, we are always looking to make it easier for you to detect and respond to cybersecurity threats quickly and effectively. With this in mind, we’ve launched our short video series, Security Spotlights to explore the biggest challenges facing modern organizations and what security teams can do to efficiently defend against cyberattacks.

The Security Spotlight series dives into use cases to help security teams quickly identify risks and remediate threats with agility. It shares the insights needed to defend your organization from cyberthreats with confidence.

Easing the Security Burden

As of 2022, the global average cost per data breach amounted to $4.35 million, according to Statista. There is a lot riding on the shoulders of cybersecurity teams and with such high stakes at risk, it is more important than ever that organizations know how to defend their IT environments against the rising attack surface.

To keep you informed on our latest initiatives, we will be releasing a new video each week, offering examples of how you can protect your critical data in an era of increasingly sophisticated and targeted attacks.

Security Spotlights shares our top tips on how you can improve your cybersecurity maturity through the implementation, use, and optimization of security analytics content and custom use cases based on insights from our Co-Pilot team.

The series shares valuable insights on how to:

  • Defend your organization from cyberthreats with confidence
  • Stay on top of an ever-changing threat landscape
  • Improve your threat detection and response capabilities
  • Strengthen your cybersecurity posture

Get Ready to Defend

Modern organizations require robust detection and response capabilities that are armed with intelligent analytics and automated responses to reduce cybersecurity exposure. We’re continuing to work towards our vision of enabling agile and high-performing SOC teams by exploring the biggest challenges facing modern organizations.

We are committed to helping you get the most out of your security information event management (SIEM), user entity behavioral analytics (UEBA), and network detection and response (NDR) solutions.

Watch the first video in the Security Spotlights series on Hoaxshell Reverse Shell for a quick overview of a recent PowerShell malicious activity that has been doing the rounds on the internet.