#LifeAtLogRhythm Spotlight – Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Collective

#LifeatLogRhythm Meet the DEI Collective at LogRhythm

It’s time for round two of our blog posts highlighting #LifeAtLogRhythm! This month, we are spotlighting a group of passionate explorers who joined forces to enrich LogRhythm’s culture. As this series continues, you’ll hear from different people, departments, and initiatives that make up the vibrant #LifeAtLogRhythm! 

What is the origin of LogRhythm’s DEI collective? 

In 2020, our Sales Director, John Sanders, founded the group known as the DEI Task Force. John led the group for the first few years, organizing workshops, book clubs, and social events that helped establish the group as one of LogRhythm’s most active employee organizations. The group recently voted to change the name to the DEI Collective to reflect their collaborative and welcoming nature. 

What is “DEI” and what do you do as part of the collective? 

DEI stands for “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. The purpose of our group is to support a culture of belonging for everyone through events, projects, and education. We believe that all Loggers should be valued by one another no matter their identity, nationality, ethnicity, physical ability, or any other descriptor. We work to educate and create space for the different people and cultures that make up our employee base. 

What is the ultimate goal of DEI? 

Our goal is to let people show up to work as their authentic self and be seen and welcomed. We believe that by doing so, we enable a freer exchange of ideas, which adds value to our company’s employees and customers. 

What do you do to take steps toward this goal? 

We take a multi-faceted approach that prioritizes education and makes diversity visible. We have a monthly newsletter, where we suggest diverse media, highlight Loggers who self-identify with marginalized groups, educate about holidays and history, and highlight calls to action. 

We put together several opportunities for employees to volunteer at Pride and to assist the homeless within our community. We also coordinate fun and educational activities like movie screenings, engagements with speakers from both inside and outside the organization, book clubs, and more. 

We’ve also been working on some larger institutional goals, like adding pronouns to our email signature templates and promoting a bias-free style guide to make our products and documentation more inclusive. Within the group, we try to approach things in a non-hierarchical fashion that gives everyone room to speak, share ideas, and collaborate; our co-chairs act as servant leaders more than chief officers, and our members contribute whatever time they can whenever they can. 

What is a “win” you’ve experienced since starting the DEI collective? 

Our biggest win is probably just growing the group! We went from having one person spearhead everything to being an ever-evolving group of anywhere from four to ten people in each meeting and engaged in our activities, with a full roster of sixteen members. From an initiative perspective, the enthusiasm and engagement with our Bias-Free Style Guide is something we’re really proud of. 

What ways are you looking to grow? 

It would be a dream come true if our diversity events became highlights for our company. We hope to be featured on the company’s annual calendar and increase team participation whether remote or in-person. It would be great to see our efforts become part of a recruiting effort for more diverse talent from around the world. 

What do you look forward to most  in 2023? 

Definitely finishing the style guide! We’re also excited to see new data on some of our communication and education tools we’ve recently implemented to see what people are most interested in learning more about and engaging with. 

Stay tuned for more #LifeAtLogRhythm blogs highlighting the vibrancy and diversity in the company.   

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