Tips to make real progress in diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace (Part 2)

Joanne Wong, vice president for International Markets at LogRhythm

An organisational culture where diversity is regarded and valued as an asset at all levels is fundamental to building a successful DEI programme. Only with commitment across all organisational levels to build a strong culture, a company can create a substantive DEI programme.

DEI is not just performative for the optics – there is a strong business case for hiring diverse teams, especially in industries facing talent shortages, such as cybersecurity. When companies hire professionals from diverse, non-traditional backgrounds and value skills and attitudes over formal education, all parts of the organisation benefit.

We’ve seen this at LogRhythm. Other than having a DEI committee to drive programmes for awareness within the current staff, we have been intentional in implementing equal employment opportunities. We stand behind empowering employees beyond their gender, age, race, or professional experience.