Network Threat Detection and Behavior Analysis

Detect Network Anomalies, Shut Down Network Threats

You can only stop attackers from gaining an initial foothold in your network or using it to expand their presence if you can see them. Illuminate compromised systems and insider threats with LogRhythm’s machine learning and behavioral analytics. Expose advanced malware, detect zero day
attacks, identify compromised systems and stop the threat.

LogRhythm Network Threat Detection

Stay a Step Ahead

Make sure no network threat remains hidden with our Network Threat Detection Module (NTDM). LogRhythm Labs built this module to give you the thorough visibility you need to identify threats quickly. The Labs team provides ongoing updates to help you stay a step ahead.

Expose Advanced Malware

Advanced malware can easily evade traditional endpoint protection solutions. When the malware goes active, behaviors on the infected host will change. Our behavioral analytics will detect this and raise the alarm.

Detect Zero-Day Attacks

If an attacker comes at you with a zero-day, intrusions will occur. When the attacker uses compromised systems to further their foothold, LogRhythm detects behavioral changes so you know what’s happening right away.

Quickly See Malware Outbreaks

Left undetected, malware can quickly propagate across your network. LogRhythm integrates with a variety of endpoint protection platforms. You’ll know what’s happening at the first sign of an outbreak.

See Internal Port Probes

Once inside, an attacker will scan and probe the internal environment to find new targets. We’ll detect these scans, even when they are “low and slow.”

Detect Denial of Service Attacks

Disruption of services is another motive for cyberattacks. LogRhythm detects significant behavioral deviations and patterns known to indicate that a DoS attack is occurring—both
internally and externally.

Expose Covert Network Channels and Data Exfiltration

To prevent a breach, you have to be sure that attackers are not accessing your network covertly or using it to exfiltrate data. LogRhythm’s advanced analytics will detect covert communication channels so you can rest easy knowing that your network is protected.

Clear Visibility into Network Communications

Your data quality dictates the sophistication of your analytics-driven intelligence. When you combine our Network Monitor sensors with our Network Threat Detection Module, you get the most comprehensive network behavioral analytics solution available. The deep visibility into network communications provided via SmartFlow™ is leveraged by AI Engine to model unique behaviors and more accurately detect threats. With full packet capture, your incident response team has full fidelity insight into network sessions.

Analyze Dashboard

Know What’s Normal—and What’s Not

Sometimes a single behavioral shift isn’t enough to warrant investigation.
But multiple behavioral changes should raise the alarm.

Detect shifts across multiple network behaviors. Correlate behavioral changes against other threat indicators. LogRhythm’s multidimensional behavioral analytics give you higher-quality, corroborated intelligence. If your IPS warns of a possible attack and LogRhythm observes a
behavioral shift on the targeted server, you’ll know.

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