Network Traffic and Behavior Analytics

Identify Anomalies and Stop Threats on Your Network

The perimeter is gone.

Cloud, bring your own device (BYOD), and the Internet of Things (IoT) introduce a much larger attack surface that firewalls and Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) often leave vulnerable.

You need visibility into those threats that are missed. An effective Network Traffic and Behavior Analytics (NTBA) solution provides a way to analyze and prioritize network-based threats as well as automate actions to neutralize attacks before significant damage is done.

Critical components for a NTBA solution include real-time monitoring, detection of suspicious activity, intelligent analytics, and behavioral modeling.

Hear Directly from Security Leaders in the Trenches

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Understand Your Network Traffic with Intelligent Monitoring

To detect anomalous network activity and data breach attempts, your team needs deeper, more intelligent monitoring. Unfortunately, most security tools can’t recognize malicious packets and traffic hiding within the routine traffic, and they don’t pick up on data exfiltration, protocol and port misuse, and other activities.

LogRhythm NetMon provides the critical visibility you need through real-time traffic profiling, application identification, bandwidth usage, lateral and ingress/egress traffic observation, full packet capture, and port and protocol mismatch.

Detect and Remediate Malicious Network Activity

Reduce your time to detect and respond to threats targeting your network to gain point-of-entry and mobility. LogRhythm NetMon works hand-in-hand with LogRhythm Enterprise, AI Engine, and our Network Threat Detection Module to provide visibility across the entire Threat Lifecycle Management framework.

LogRhythm NetMon sends SmartFlow™ to LogRhythm Enterprise. SmartFlow is a rich set of packet metadata derived from each network session that is appropriate to the type of application used. SmartFlow provides a high degree of detail by cataloging every session on the network to provide deep understanding of an application’s network activity in a quickly accessible format. Once this data is in the LogRhythm platform, our Network Threat Detection Module and AI Engine work together to model the incoming data against unique behaviors to more accurately detect threats, and initiate remediation activities.

Network Traffic and Behavior Analytics—Done Right

Your data quality dictates the sophistication of your analytics-driven intelligence. The LogRhythm platform delivers the most comprehensive solution for Network Traffic and Behavior Analytics with these key features:

  • Rich data derived by NetMon, such as full packet capture, layer 7 application classification for over 3,000 applications, SmartFlow™, and Deep Packet Analytics.
  • Powerful analytics in two places: sensor level analytics and centralized analytics. NetMon extracts rich information at the sensor level, performs analytics, then forwards relevant information to LogRhythm Enterprise for further analysis. This enables corroboration of network activity with data derived from user and host activity.
  • Risk-based event prioritization automatically assigns a 1-100 numerical value to each event based on the relative risk, allowing improved team efficiency in knowing which threats to focus on first.

Know What’s Normal—and Alert on What’s Not

Sometimes a single behavioral shift isn’t enough to warrant investigation. But, multiple behavioral changes should raise the alarm.

Detect shifts across multiple network behaviors and correlate behavioral changes against other threat indicators. LogRhythm’s multidimensional behavioral analytics give you higher-quality, corroborated intelligence. If your IPS warns of a possible attack and LogRhythm observes a behavioral shift on the targeted server, you’ll know with AI Engine.

See it in Action

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