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How Much is Enough? A Different Cybersecurity Risk Management Approach

Historically, the fear of cyberthreats put organizations and their IT departments on the defense. So much so they still strive to design security plans that try to protect every part of their infrastructure — data centers, assets, networks — everything.…

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Cybersecurity Lessons From 2020: C-Suite Weighs In on Both Good & Bad

Cyber attackers are quickly adopting attack techniques to take advantage of the rapid shift and lower visibility and protections into the workforce. James Carder, CSO at LogRhythm, commented that to adapt, CISOs and security leaders have implemented SIEM solutions, built…

5 Cybersecurity and Threat Trends CISOs Must Watch

No matter the perimeter, IT hygiene remains imperative, said James Carder, CSO at LogRhythm. If businesses were previously bad at configurations, locking systems down, managing privileges and protecting sensitive data, they’ve pushed everything to the cloud and made it internet-accessible.