Building the Next-Gen Security Operations Center (SOC)

To handle the skyrocketing volume of malware and cyber exploits, many enterprises are building SOCs that provide a central place for detecting, diagnosing, and remediating online attacks. Thanks to the development of new capabilities and technologies, today’s security operations center (SOC) looks very different than those that were built even a few years ago.

In this webcast, Chris Petersen, co-founder & CTO of LogRhythm, and Roselle Safran, co-founder & CEO of Uplevel Security, discuss best practices for building and staffing today’s SOC. The duo also touch on the essential security operations center tools needed to make your operation effective.

In this webcast you’ll learn:

  • The purpose of a SOC
  • The key characteristics of a next-generation SOC
  • A SOC’s role in accelerating threat detection and response capabilities
  • The security operations center tools that enable a successful and functioning security program