Detect the First Time Computers Talk to Each Other

How to Detect Two Computers on Your Network Talking to Each Other for the First Time

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Over time, any given computer on your network will establish a pattern of systems it does and doesn’t talk to. If you can properly baseline that behavior and detect when the computer deviates from normal activity you can produce critical early warnings of a potential incident.

In this on-demand webcast, LogRhythm’s senior technical product manager, Caitlin NoePayne, and principal sales engineer, Chris Martin, join Randy Franklin Smith, Windows Security subject matter expert, to highlight the security considerations and concerns of detecting computers on your network talking for the first time.

Together, they’ll explain how to accomplish this detection using Windows Security Events, as well as demonstrate LogRhythm behavioral analytics rules and case management features that help analysts follow up on suspicious activity alerts.

Learn how to:

  • Configure your audit policy to generate relevant security events
  • Establish baseline behavior of the machines on your environment
  • Monitor and detect traffic patterns to detect an attacker embedded in your network using Windows Security Events
  • Speed up investigation and response with security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR)

Watch now to learn how to use Windows Security Events and LogRhythm to detect when two computers on your network talk to each other for the first time.