Gain Greater Network Visibility through Health Care Monitoring, Detection, and Response

Epic Systems is a market-leading Electronic Health Records (EHR) vendor widely used by large hospitals and health systems to access, organize, store, and share patient medical records. Given the volume and sensitivity of personal data on Epic platforms, it’s critical to ensure threats to patient privacy are detected and mitigated quickly.

In this webinar, learn how organizations in health care are using LogRhythm’s Epic Hyperspace App combined with traditional security data to provide greater value and network visibility. Members of LogRhythm’s Strategic Integration team and Health Care Sales Engineering team will show you how LogRhythm’s Epic Hyperspace App provides a focused point solution for real time visibility, as well as detection of suspicious activity within an Epic deployment.

See how this app provides real-time visibility (including alarms and reports) into:

  • Unauthorized access or access attempts to patient medical records
  • Inappropriate attempts to record or download patient medical records
  • Users and systems trying to access the EHR
  • Context of the user who is accessing the patient records
  • Logic or reasoning behind the attempted access to medical records

The Epic App, combined with the LogRhythm Health Care Compliance Automation Module, provides even more powerful capabilities. This module offers pre-built content to support your compliance with HIPAA, and HITECH guidelines. The resulting comprehensive security framework helps to protect your patients’ data and improve your organization’s security posture. LogRhythm and Epic work together to prevent the two most common types of inappropriate access afflicting health care organizations: employee snooping and malicious breaches.

If you have Epic and LogRhythm, this is a must-see webinar. If you use another EHR, use the information from this webinar as a template on how and why to monitor your EHR platform.