No Single Definition of a SOC: The SANS 2018 Survey Part 1

While security operation centers (SOCs) are maturing, staffing and retention issues continue to plague critical SOC support functions.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how respondents to the SANS 2018 SOC survey are staffing their SOCs. You’ll discover the value of cloud-based services to augment staff and technology, and respondents’ level of satisfaction with the architectures they’ve deployed.

In this webinar, SANS Principal Instructor Chris Crowley teams up with a group of security experts to discuss results from the 2018 SANS survey including:

  • The level of staffing in SOCs
  • Outsourcing part (or all) of the SOC architecture
  • Tools and technologies SOCs use to operate efficiently
  • The value of distributed vs. centralized SOC functions
  • Relationship between SOCs and NOCs
  • Improvements resulting from integrative SOC functions for detection, prevention, and response

The 2018 SANS SOC Survey sheds light on why NextGen SIEMs are a core technology for SOCs that unify intelligence and data. A NextGen SIEM has evolved to provide a unified user experience that drives highly efficient workflows and can be measured to better understand improving security practices.

A NextGen SIEM with embedded security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) empowers your analysts to work at peak efficiency — even when faced with limited resources. SOAR is a key component to any effective security solution and expedites workflows to ease threat qualification and remediation for your entire team.

While you might be low on staff and resources, you are not alone. Find out how your peers in the industry maximize their resources and effectiveness. Watch the on-demand webinar now to see how your industry peers are staffing their SOCs and learn how to bring your security team to the next level.