SANS Shares Evaluator’s Guide for NextGen SIEM

There’s no question about it: Legacy SIEMs hinder your ability to achieve your security objectives. Traditional solutions are limited and often lack the flexibility to scale and grow as your security needs increase. To combat today’s threats, you need a next-gen SIEM that leverages the architecture and security capabilities that are best suited to detect both known and unknown threats within your environment. But what makes a SIEM “next-gen”? And how do you know if the SIEM technology you’re looking at possesses these requirements?

In this on-demand webcast, Christopher Crowley, senior instructor at SANS, and Barbara Filkins, senior analyst at SANS, join Sara Kingsley, senior product marketing manager at LogRhythm, to explain what comprises a modern SIEM solution and share tips for evaluating a next-gen SIEM platform.

In this webcast, you’ll learn:

  • How next-gen SIEM capabilities map to the modern security team’s needs
  • The architectural requirements for a solution to support these needs
  • The evaluation steps you can take to select the best SIEM for you
  • The questions you should ask SIEM vendors to support your evaluation process

Watch the webcast now to get the tools you need to evaluate and choose a next-gen SIEM that fits the needs of your organization’s requirements.