SOC it to Me

Building A Modern Security Operations Center

A SOC is a major component of a company’s GRC operations, as well as a critical IT center. But you know that having your own SOC means more than just employing a couple of analysts to read log files. Do you know what kind of budget and expertise you’ll need to have if you decide to build your own SOC?

In this on-demand webcast, James Carder, LogRhythm CISO and VP of LogRhythm Labs, discusses the decision-making process you’ll need to go through before you build your own security operations center (SOC) and the impact it will have on your organization.

You’ll learn:

  • The build vs buy trade-offs for a SOC
  • The impact of a SOC on your GRC program and processes
  • A SOC’s role in meeting compliance requirements
  • Questions you should be asking before building a SOC