Integrated Endpoint Protection and Response

Partnership Spotlight: Carbon Black

Maintaining visibility of hundreds—if not thousands—of endpoints and then taking corrective actions to the discovered abnormalities is a critical security challenge many organizations face today. Most organizations dedicate substantial portions of their budgets on endpoint protection technologies.

As the market expands, large swaths of vendors have attempted to address the fundamental needs around securing endpoints, including:

  • Endpoint detection and response
  • Antivirus
  • Threat hunting

In this crowded and competitive space, some solution providers have pulled ahead of the pack. Carbon Black is one that has set itself apart.

Integrated Threat Discovery and Remediation with LogRhythm and Carbon Black

The LogRhythm and Carbon Black partnership is rooted in seamless integration between two powerful platforms. Together, the integration combines Carbon Black’s complete endpoint detection and response solution with the advanced analytics and automated response capabilities of LogRhythm’s SOAR security solutions.

What makes us even more proud of our partnership is the fact that we’ve selected Carbon Black as one of the tools in our own internal security operations. LogRhythm security experts in our Office of the CISO put several products through a rigorous and thorough series of security assessments. Ultimately, Carbon Black Response was one of the endpoint products of choice to enable threat hunting and assist in real-time response.

Endpoint Protection and Response with LogRhythm and Carbon Black

The LogRhythm security team then went on to build custom dashboards for rich data visualization, prebuilt reports, AI Engine alarms, and SmartResponse automated playbook actions—all available for your use.

Imagine being able to isolate a host upon detection of malicious activity with the push of a button (or better yet, responding to the threat without any analyst intervention).

To learn more about the joint solution and to download the connector, visit or view any one of these great resources:

Lastly, I’d like to extend a big congratulations to our Carbon Black friends for being named to the Forbes Cloud 100!