Started Near the Bottom. Now We’re Here!

LogRhythm made its first appearance in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for SIEM as a Visionary back in 2008. At the time, ArcSight was the Goliath in the market in terms of market share, customer penetration, and momentum. David (aka LogRhythm) looked at that Goliath with quiet confidence and a long term perspective then thought: “We got this.”

Since 2008, customer needs have evolved, the number of breaches have accelerated, and the threat environment has become far more complex. The reality is that many companies that were featured in the 2008 quadrant simply have not kept up. These organizations have either have taken steps backwards, been marginalized or disappeared altogether.

During the same period, large system vendors with seemingly unlimited resources have entered the fray through acquisition, and even some of them have stalled.


And through it all, here we are. The team at LogRhythm has successfully navigated all of these changes and shifts. More importantly, we’ve not only survived but thrived in this competitive, highly strategic, and rapidly changing market.

After eight years of continuous innovation, a commitment to customer success, loads of tenacity, well-timed agility, some great teamwork, and a dose of humility, we have moved past that “Goliath” (ArcSight) and now sit at the top echelon of the 2016 Gartner SIEM Magic Quadrant.

In 2016, SIEM is more strategic than ever, next-generation SIEM that is. Customers are looking for a complete platform that can be the foundation of their security operations center (SOC)—the central intelligence for their security operations.

They are looking for a platform that can deliver the entire workflow from detection to investigation to response, in a seamless, integrated fashion. They are looking for holistic, advanced analytics that can automate real-time detection of threats that evade the preventative layer or originate from within. They want a platform that can deliver faster detection and response so they can avoid damaging breaches. They are short on skilled personnel and are looking to automate their security operations as much as possible. They are also looking to consolidate more capabilities into one integrated platform so they can avoid the cost and inadequacy of trying to stitch together multiple, disparate point solutions.

More and more of those customers are discovering LogRhythm as the next-generation platform that delivers what they are looking for.

As Drake might say had he been with us on this journey… “Started near the bottom, now the whole team’s here.”

Take a look for yourself and download the 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for SIEM.

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