CISOs’ Tactics To Win Every Budget Battle

Having trouble obtaining enough cybersecurity budget? CISOs often fail to highlight external factors that force security spending such as customers, cyberinsurers, and regulators.

This Forrester report demonstrates how cybersecurity spending directly impacts revenue. Start winning every budget battle by using a new methodology to defend your security budgets to the board, C-suite, and other stakeholders.

CISOs’ Tactics To Win Every Budget Battle

What’s inside Forrester’s report

In this report, you will learn a new framework for defending your security budget that focuses on:

  1. How security enables revenue growth and retention based on customers’ and partners’ requirements
  2. Cyberinsurers require attestations about cybersecurity controls
  3. Legislators and regulators mandate cybersecurity controls and impact the ability to operate in specific regions or verticals

Rather than focusing solely on risk, breaches, or reputational damage, CISOs should defend their budget using these external factors that directly impact the business. 

How to prove cybersecurity is the cost of doing business

Cost of sale (CoS) and cost of goods sold (CoGS) do not factor in cybersecurity costs — and CISOs need to change that. The following steps help demonstrate how security spending generates revenue for the organization:

  • Start with customer revenue and divide by the total costs of the security control
  • Calculate the ratio of security control costs by cyberinsurance policy coverage
  • Bucket spending and revenue by control costs for each regulatory requirement

Learn more about these steps and see examples by reading Forrester’s report today!

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Start winning every budget battle with Forrester's methodology!

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