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Data visibility, normalization, and analysis

Your log and other machine data span your physical, virtual, and cloud-based environments. As your organization continues to adopt SaaS solutions, BYOD, and IoT, your perimeter is continuing to erode. What once was in a fixed location, easy to see, and simple to retrieve, now is moving, often siloed and in proprietary formats, which inhibits your ability to get data and gain important insights and visibility from it.

LogRhythm AnalytiX helps you diagnose security and operational issues by providing centralized and pervasive visibility across your sprawling data. AnalytiX streamlines your collection of and access to critical log and other machine data from across disparate silos. It normalizes and enriches your data so you can rapidly search, pivot, and drill-down — regardless of how and where the data was generated.

The result? Your team has deep visibility into what’s happening across your extended environment and can rapidly make sense of all the data you collect.

Find answers fast

A data lake isn’t useful if it doesn’t provide accurate answers.

Logs and other machine data may describe a certain event differently depending on the device or application generating the data. For instance, a log may represent a user logging into a workstation as “login success,” “logon success,” or “authentication success.” Or it may be timestamped in a variety of formats, making it difficult to understand the true sequence of events.

With AnalytiX, your team can avoid the headache of architecting your own solution. LogRhythm’s patented Machine Data Intelligence (MDI) Fabric instantly classifies, contextualizes, and normalizes your data to create a highly consistent and predictable dataset — the foundation for fast, accurate results.

  • Combat data sprawl and gain deep visibility across your extended IT environment with extensive data collection and centralized data management
  • Structured and unstructured search makes finding things easy — without needing to know the underlying data structure or a new query language
  • Identify risks, threats, behavioral anomalies, and critical operations issues in real time with continuous analysis and correlation via LogRhythm’s AI Engine
  • Quickly interpret search results and analysis with centralized dashboards and advanced visualizations

Scale with the changing needs of your organization

The architecture of AnalytiX enables you to scale easily and efficiently as your needs evolve, whether you consume the offering as a cloud-based solution or deploy it on-prem or in a virtual or private cloud environment. Without processing and storage limits, and with high indexing performance, your organization can immediately take full advantage of data lake capabilities at a lower total cost.

LogRhythm AnalytiX is part of LogRhythm’s XDR Stack, which sits at the heart of our robust NextGen SIEM Platform. Alongside LogRhythm AnalytiX, our robust NextGen SIEM Platform builds upon the following XDR Stack components — giving you the flexibility to easily grow with changing requirements.

Other components of LogRhythm’s XDR Stack include:


Don’t get bogged down in meaningless alarms. With advanced machine analytics, your team will accurately detect malicious activity with risk-based prioritized alarms that immediately surface critical threats using prepackaged security and compliance use case content.


Work smarter, not harder. Collaborate, automate, streamline, and evolve your team with security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) that is natively built into the LogRhythm NextGen SIEM to enable fast, high-efficiency threat investigation and response.

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