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The power of LogRhythm SIEM without managing infrastructure

Don’t worry about managing security information and event management (SIEM) infrastructure, administration, upgrades, or troubleshooting capacity issues. LogRhythm Cloud provides our complete SIEM experience with the ease and flexibility of a SaaS solution so that your team can concentrate on the most important task — protecting your organization.

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Fight threats, not your infrastructure

With staffing shortages and an increasing quantity and sophistication of threats, your team doesn’t have time to waste on operational overhead. With LogRhythm Cloud, there’s no hardware to manage and maintain.

LogRhythm provides 24×7 infrastructure monitoring and applies the latest software patches and updates so your team can focus on threat hunting, qualification, and incident response and remediation. LogRhythm Cloud makes this work even easier for your analysts with an intuitive, browser-based UI.

“Solution maintenance is never on my mind when using LogRhythm Cloud. It just runs. Instead of spending my first week setting up new hardware and software, I identified a new production use case. It was so valuable that we’re implementing the same technique across multiple other networks.”
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Kevin Merolla
Security Manager at Chart Inc.

Deploy quickly, scale easily

If you’re worried about what threats might be moving through your environment, time is of the essence. With LogRhythm Cloud, you don’t need to wait for hardware to be configured, software to be installed, or for a shipment to arrive. LogRhythm Cloud’s rapid deployment saves you considerable time over an on-prem deployment, providing immediate access to a fully functioning SIEM so you can realize swift value from your investment. Just import your log data, and you’re off and running.

We understand the demands your organization places on your SIEM will shift and change over time. For long-term success, you need a solution that can scale with your business. LogRhythm Cloud gives you the flexibility to handle these changes gracefully by easily scaling your deployment as your business grows.

Secure your data

The security of your data is paramount. In LogRhythm Cloud, your data is both secured and optimized for transfer through encryption both in transit and at rest — with additional options for compression and scheduling.

Don’t compromise on features

Many cloud-based SIEMs available today are skimmed-down, limited versions of on-prem solutions. Not LogRhythm Cloud. Our cloud-based SIEM is the most complete SaaS SIEM on the market. You get the same robust and powerful analyst capabilities as our on-prem SIEM Platform.

Included compliance and threat detection modules help your team quickly address a wide range of compliance requirements and pervasive threats in real time. Preconfigured and regularly updated content to help your team stay ahead of evolving regulations and emerging threats.

Our embedded security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) capabilities help your team accelerate threat investigation and response activities. With LogRhythm Cloud, your analysts access SOAR capabilities in the cloud, including SmartResponse™ for secure, remote task automation across cloud and on-prem technologies. Because when it comes to detecting threats, you shouldn’t have to choose between full-featured or SaaS.

Comply with cloud-first initiatives

If a cloud-first strategy is driving your organization to consider SIEM as a service, LogRhythm Cloud can help you to move the needle forward to bring your security to the cloud and to realize rapid time to value from your organization’s investment.

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  • Assets and compute loads are increasingly being moved to the cloud. LogRhythm Cloud can easily collect data from everywhere: private cloud, public cloud/SaaS applications, and on-prem.

  • Security teams are looking for help with health monitoring, data management, and technology updates and upgrades. Let LogRhythm take care of these tasks for you with LogRhythm Cloud so you can focus on using your SIEM, not running your SIEM.

  • Modern enterprise budgets are moving from capex to opex models. LogRhythm Cloud’s subscription-based solution allows you to reduce the footprint of your data centers — and the financial costs associated with them — and instead focus your budget on hiring talent.

Unleash the power of your SIEM

For a successful security program, it’s important to build your SOC on a solid foundation. Your SIEM is a critical building block. A strong security operations program combines people, process, and technology to rapidly detect, investigate, and neutralize threats that challenge the reputation and security of your organization.

The LogRhythm SIEM platform is designed by security experts for security experts to help support the fundamental mission of the enterprise SOC and address the common obstacles that can get in the way of this mission through automated risk-based scoring, orchestrated workflows, and reduced operational challenges.

Our end-to-end SIEM capabilities helps mature your security posture and defend your enterprise by measurably reducing the time it takes to detect and respond to threats.


  • Pervasive forensic visibility
  • Uniform data processing and enrichment
  • Efficient and flexible architecture


  • High-performance search analytics
  • Integrated threat and business context
  • IOC- and TTP-based scenario analytics


  • Holistic and rapid, risk-based threat triage
  • Machine-assisted threat hunting
  • Enterprise orchestration and collaboration
  • Automated and autonomous workflows


  • Comprehensive compliance automation
  • Layered security operations metrics
  • Open, yet secure architecture
  • Leverage IT and OT data

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