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LogRhythm DetectX

Holistic threat analytics

Cut through the noise to find true threats

LogRhythm DetectX delivers prebuilt, customizable security analytics that accurately detect malicious activity and actively support threat hunting. Security analytics content detects nefarious activity and automatically corroborates it with additional evidence to generate prioritized, risk-based alarms that surface truly critical threats.

When your team receives an alarm with a high risk score, it knows it needs to investigate it right away. It’s as simple as clicking into that alarm and reviewing the evidence. Your team can work effectively and efficiently instead of wasting time sifting through noisy anomalies.

Security analytics for accurate, rapid threat detection

When a threat is working its way through your environment, immediate detection is critical. LogRhythm DetectX delivers an abundance of prepackaged threat detection content based on indicators of compromise (IOCs) and tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) to surface concerning behavior.

With other solutions, your team would need to spend time building security analytics content into the system. But with DetectX, it’s already there — working to identify potential threats — and corroborating it with evidence. Your team can spend its time investigating and threat hunting instead of writing and maintaining content to fuel your SIEM.

Behind the scenes of precise threat recognition

  • Prebuilt, continually updated threat detection content based on IOCs and TTPs identifies known threats
  • Threat intelligence feeds enable further corroboration of malicious activity
  • Automatic evidence corroboration enhances the threat score
  • Machine learning (ML) cross-correlates this evidence to identify concerning shifts in behavior

Advance your threat detection with MITRE ATT&CK content

Included in LogRhythm DetectX, our MITRE ATT&CK module detects and alerts to suspicious behavior on a per-technique basis. Using the MITRE ATT&CK framework, your team can effectively test your security monitoring environment against attack techniques to validate your technology and rules are alerting you to truly anomalous behavior.

Investigate and qualify threats fast

Your team sees an alarm identifying a threat — now the race is on to qualify it. Time is of the essence. Because LogRhythm DetectX surfaces threats with our patented risk-based prioritization, your team is already working on the most critical threats first.

Your analysts can easily click on an alarm and rapidly drill down and pivot search against original unstructured log messages. Without ever leaving the user interface, analysts can operationalize threat intelligence feeds and enable contextual lookups to find all the information they need to qualify and then investigate the threat.

Propel your threat hunting

Threat hunting allows your team to take a proactive stance to defend your organization. It also empowers the team's creativity to applying new and advanced methods to spot both leading and active indicators of attacks so you can quickly respond to threats. By engaging in threat hunting, you can better understand your organization’s vulnerabilities, how attacks are occurring, and how to remediate gaps in your security environment.

The LogRhythm DetectX user interface gives analysts an intuitive experience, empowering them to use simultaneous searches to validate or discredit their hypotheses. With a variety of visualizations across all your data and immediate access to the underlying data, DetectX gives analysts a maneuverable view to find threats before they can cause damage.

Simplify compliance

LogRhythm DetectX simplifies adherence to regulatory requirements by providing your team with prebuilt compliance modules that automatically detect exceptions as they occur — allowing your organization to proactively repair the issue that occurred to take them out of compliance and eliminating the burden of manually reviewing reports and audit logs.

Our LogRhythm Labs team develops and continually updates a comprehensive library of compliance modules, including PCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAA, and NIST. In each module, the team maps rules, investigations, and reports to the mandate’s individual controls. Our Consolidated Compliance Framework further streamlines your program with a core, shared module — saving your team valuable time setting up and correlating multiple, identical alarms across multiple frameworks.

Grow with XDR Stack

LogRhythm DetectX is part of LogRhythm’s XDR Stack, which sits at the heart of our NextGen SIEM Platform. In addition to DetectX, our NextGen SIEM Platform builds upon the following XDR Stack components — giving you the flexibility to easily grow and scale with your organization’s changing requirements.


Other components of LogRhythm’s XDR Stack include:


Put your data to work and find answers fast. LogRhythm AnalytiX helps you manage the chaos of data sprawl and organizational silos that can keep you from diagnosing operational and security issues.


Work smarter, not harder. Collaborate, automate, streamline, and evolve your team with security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) capabilities to enable fast, high-efficiency threat investigation and response.

Take a look under the hood

LogRhythm DetectX is your team’s most powerful asset to surface and investigate threats across your enterprise. But don’t take our word for it. Watch the demo and see how DetectX can help you unleash the power of your SOC.