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LogRhythm RespondX

Work smarter, not harder

LogRhythm RespondX is a security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) solution that reduces the burdens on your team and enables it to focus on what’s important. RespondX streamlines the investigation and mitigation of threats by coordinating and automating as many steps in the response workflow as possible. It establishes consistent processes to help your team organize, prioritize, and collaborate for maximum efficiency, speed, and consistency with repeatable best practices. The result? A resilient security operations center (SOC) that can be a powerful business enabler.

Streamline your security workflows

Watch our video demo to see how LogRhythm’s SOAR solution can simplify complex processes and minimize tasks into efficient security workflows.

SOAR through your security workflows

If your team is wasting too much time investigating false positives, performing repetitive tasks, and carrying out labor-intensive work, threats may slip through the cracks. To be effective, your SOC must work efficiently and it must communicate and collaborate well. It cannot miss steps or fall victim to unreliable processes. The whole team needs consistent workflows based on best practices that are fast and efficient to complete.

RespondX enables you to streamline security workflows, so you can accomplish more with your current resources. It gives your team its valuable time back through:

Case management

Orchestrates collaborative security response workflows with centralized, auditable evidence capture and management.

Case playbooks

Standardize processes for guided incident response and best practices.


Enriches security investigations with threat intelligence and business context for efficient triage and evidence gathering.

SmartResponse™ Automation

Automates manual security tasks for seamless execution across the security workflow, from investigation to remediation.

Case metrics & reporting

Tracks incident qualification and response processes for measuring SOC effectiveness.

LogRhythm RespondX expedites investigative workflows, saving time and resources. Your team can focus on more complex challenges and work to scale your overall security operation.

Zero in on the right alarms

When an alarm fires, you need the facts before you can jump into action. You must understand the breadth of the users or infrastructure affected and the potential impact on your business before you can make an informed decision on next steps.

With RespondX, your team can easily prioritize events and workflow tasks to improve the overall efficiency and speed of security response activities. Case Playbooks guide you through the security workflow to ensure you’re optimally qualifying and investigating a threat. And SmartResponse automates time-consuming portions of your work, like retrieving external contextual information. We fuel fast insights when time matters most — so your team can identify a true threat and stop it before the damage is done.

Optimize the efficiency of your SOC with built-in playbooks

Watch how Case Playbooks standardize processes to help your analysts complete workflows with ease.

Minimize processes for maximum results

You can’t scale your security operations without solving complex use cases and freeing up the required time. You must break down these use cases into manageable pieces and employ playbooks and automation. LogRhythm RespondX gives you the tools you need to standardize and then minimize the number of steps in your processes to only those that are best served by manual execution.

Case Playbooks ensure not a single step is missed and your team follows the right procedure — every time. LogRhythm SmartResponse automates tasks throughout the workflow, simplifies response activities, and promotes organic knowledge transfer among your team members. You’ll gain insight into the effectiveness of your security operations presented across widgets, dashboard views, and as reports. Case Metrics automatically capture all incident investigation activity in one place — allowing you to continuously measure and improve processes and performance over time.

Maximize efficiency with a single, unified platform

RespondX is an embedded solution that offers immediate value and ease of use from a single platform — without requiring further integration or the administration of a bolt-on product. RespondX provides drilldown, search pivoting, instant context enrichment, and other investigative capabilities only enabled by a SOAR solution that is seamlessly integrated into your NextGen SIEM Platform.

RespondX is easy to use for organizations at any maturity level. You can address advanced use cases and scale to a new level of security maturity without adding headcount or another point solution — all while avoiding the overhead of maintaining yet another product.


Swiftly search across your organization’s vast stores of log and other machine data to easily find answers, identify IT and security incidents, and quickly hunt down threats and troubleshoot issues.


Don’t get bogged down in meaningless alarms. With advanced analytics that automatically surface, corroborate, and prioritize threats, your team can focus on the most critical threats first, get through more of them, and avoid alarm fatigue.

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