File Integrity Monitoring

Strengthen security, streamline compliance

Protect your organization’s critical files, wherever they’re stored. Alert on malware-related registry changes, improper access of confidential files, and theft of sensitive data.

“We have complete visibility of our environment in a single view…remarkable in reducing time, costs and dramatically reducing false positives.”
Marc White
Chief Security Officer, Optomany

User-aware file integrity monitoring

Continuously monitor all files. Easily see who has changed what.

View user & file activity holistically

Pivot from a file access or change to a specific user. View a full timeline of their activity, including both file integrity monitoring (FIM) and other behavioral information.

Monitor what matters

Selectively monitor file views, modifications and deletions, and modifications, as well as group, owner and permissions changes.

Enrich your security analytics

Use data generated by FIM to solve new use cases for User & Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) and Endpoint Threat Detection.

Alarm on unauthorized changes

Alarm on an unauthorized change to sensitive files and registry settings, whether caused by an attack or a change management error.

Identify abnormal behavior

Alert on anomalous user activity related to important files. Reduce false positives by corroborating with other data.

Achieve rapid time-to-value

Configure FIM to protect your files and intellectual property using out-of-the-box policies for many common applications.

Comply and secure

Address over 80 PCI DSS control requirements and many core HIPAA requirements. Alert and report using FIM policies. Streamline your compliance objectives so you can focus on your most important security priorities.

Achieve more on a unified platform

Get FIM as an embedded part of LogRhythm’s endpoint monitoring & forensics solution, a lightweight agent that also provides activity monitoring and process monitoring.

Endpoint monitoring & forensics is an integrated component of our LogRhythm SIEM Platform, helping you gain pervasive visibility and reduce your total cost of ownership.

FIM in action


You need to know if an attacker installs malware on your point-of-sale systems in an attempt to begin exfiltrating cardholder data.


Detect POS infiltration as soon as it begins by alerting on malware-related registry changes.


You spend significant time collecting data and creating reports for compliance audits (e.g., PCI DSS and HIPAA).


Generate reports on file access and other user activity rapidly. Give compliance auditors the data the need in the format they require.


You need to mitigate user-based threats to privileged files (e.g., payroll files) from both insiders and outsiders.


Enrich your UEBA with FIM data to identify users with anomalous file access behavior. See all that a user does before and after unusual access behavior.


A server has been improperly accessed and you need to know if sensitive files have been leaked.


Secure a complete set of forensic data to rapidly identify the cause and scope of the security incident.

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