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How Did We Get Here? The Past, Present, and Future of Supply Chain Risk

Watch Avertium and LogRhythm as they discuss the impact of historical supply chain attacks, what the future of supply chain risk looks like, and what you can be doing now to prevent a potential breach.

Figure3: LogRhythm’s NERC-SIP Real Time Dashboard

LogRhythm NextGen SIEM for Electricity Utility

Ransomware’s Rage We have built economies and business infrastructures on modern electricity utility companies. These companies touch and power our lives on a daily basis. The ubiquity and vast amount of sensitive data they store, combined with our deep dependence…

wastewater plant_aerial view

Cybersecurity and the water supply: managing a growing risk worldwide

Water utilities as critical infrastructure have a history of being targeted by malicious actors looking to threaten, ransom or disrupt water supplies. The essential nature of public water systems make them attractive to attackers as they have the potential to…