Discover the best SIEM pricing model for your business

Mitigate the security and financial risks associated with growing data volumes

It’s a challenge to budget for a security information and event management (SIEM) solution when big data volumes are unpredictable and growing at an exponential rate. Restrictive SIEM pricing models exacerbate this problem. CISOs are often forced to make difficult decisions about what data they will and will not protect.

Your business needs to be able to grow without compromising security.

In “Budgeting for a modern SIEM: A guide to managing financial risk,” you will learn how to mitigate the security and financial risks that come with business growth, including:

  • Increased headcount: More people means more data and more opportunities for social engineering or insider threats
  • Infrastructure growth: Adding networking and hardware increases your log volumes
  • Increased revenue: The more your organisation is worth, the larger the target it becomes
  • Modernisation of IT infrastructure: Modern tools contain more data than legacy equivalents
  • Cloud-first initiatives: Apps in the clouds generate more logs

Read our guide to get the facts on the best SIEM pricing model for your business.


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