"What makes a SIEM “next-gen”?"

"Read ‘An evaluator's guide to NextGen SIEM’ from SANS to find out"

The technology industry is inundated with tools meant to help organisations meet their security objectives. To be effective, a SIEM must remain relevant in the face of new threats as well as changes in the infrastructures of an organisation.

“Next-gen SIEM” technology is the result of this innovation. But if you’re in need of a next-gen SIEM solution, making your way through the procurement process is a challenge. This is compounded by the fact that many companies market their tools as next-gen solutions when they are anything but that.

So what makes a SIEM “next-gen”? In “An Evaluator’s Guide to NextGen SIEM” SANS explores this very question. In this white paper, you’ll discover:

  • How next-gen SIEM capabilities map to the modern security team’s needs
  • The architectural requirements for a solution to support these needs
  • The evaluation steps you can take to select the best SIEM for you
  • The questions you should ask SIEM vendors to support your evaluation process

Download the white paper and learn how to select a next-gen SIEM that fits your organisation’s needs.


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