The silver linings of cloud-based SIEM

If your business is in the cloud, your SIEM can be too.

Cloud-based SIEM offers unique benefits while delivering the security you expect.

Your organisation must remain secure as it grows. But cybersecurity is harder – and more expensive – than ever to keep current. Talent shortages, equipment costs, version control and maintenance are constant challenges. A cloud-based SIEM addresses those challenges without compromising security.

The benefits of the cloud are attracting an ever-increasing range of business operations.

Now it’s possible to take SIEM to the cloud with the security and functionality you need. LogRhythm Cloud brings together the business benefits of cloud, the security you rely on and the unique benefits that only the cloud can deliver.

Download our guide to discover cloud-based SIEM without compromise with LogRhythm.

The many silver linings to cloud-based SIEM