Breaking Down the Cost and Complexity Barrier to Network Monitoring

Network monitoring, network forensics, and traffic analytics technology enable faster threat detection and bolster the efficiency and effectiveness of incident response. However, only a fraction of enterprises deploys this technology today due to the complexity of tools and lack of budget.

In this webcast, Rob McGovern, senior technical product manager from LogRhythm, and Darek Dabbs, CIO from Sera-Brynn, showcase LogRhythm NetMon Freemium and highlight the business case for network monitoring, including why you need it and the value it provides.

Darek and Rob also highlight scenarios including using network analysis in a forensic investigation, hunting for threats on a network, and analyzing network traffic at scales ranging from the home network to the enterprise.

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how network monitoring can help you:

  • Achieve real-time visibility into your network
  • Transform your physical/virtual systems into a network forensics sensor
  • Identify and investigate threats using traffic classification, rich metadata, full packet capture and advanced correlation