Impact and Insights on Log4Shell Vulnerability

Log4Shell Vulnerability

The recently-disclosed “Log4Shell” vulnerabilities in Apache Log4j 2 had a major impact in the cybersecurity world due to the severity of the exploit and the incredibly widespread use of Log4j 2 in modern software.

In this webinar the LogRhythm Labs team discussed methods to detect Log4Shell exploit attempts in your environment. Labs set the stage with a discussion and walkthrough of the Log4Shell vulnerability and moved right into demonstrations of the LogRhythm product line in action. The team demonstrated threat hunting in the LogRhythm SIEM, realtime detections using LogRhythm’s Advanced Intelligence Engine (AIE), deep packet inspection using LogRhythm NetMon and intrusion detection in LogRhythm MistNet.

Viewers left the session with actionable insights into the Log4Shell exploit and how LogRhythm products can help ensure a robust detection posture against this threat.