Code42 and LogRhythm Partner to Protect Against Insider Threats

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As remote work has become the norm for many enterprises, organizations are struggling with the troubling reality of rising insider threats. Whether the results are from careless or negligent employees or malicious insiders, it’s crucial to arm your organization with the tools to detect these threats quickly.

As part of a partnership between Code42 and LogRhythm, organizations now have greater detection capabilities of insider risks and can accelerate their response to potential threats. The joint partnership gives security teams greater data visibility to identify risky users and substantiate threat investigations.

Threats From Inside the Organization

Organizations typically focus on cyberthreats that come from outside the organization, and for good reason. Insider threats pose a growing risk and have increased 47% since 2018, according to The Ponemon Institute. With the rise of remote work, Forrester predicts that internal incidents will get worse and will be responsible for 33% of breaches in 2021.

Code42 Incydr Combats Insider Threats

The Code42 and LogRhythm integration helps customers combat insider threats by letting customers ingest file telemetry information from Code42 Incydr into existing LogRhythm workflows for correlation and triage. Using Code42 data, customers can create custom dashboards within LogRhythm and tailor their queries based on file, vector, or use. For example, this could include only files that have been uploaded via a browser.  Code42 then delivers file and exposure data into LogRhythm, using Common Event Format (CEF). With the actionable insights generated by the LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform, Code42 can accelerate its response to threats and minimize damage.

LogRhythm Prevents the Escalation of Insider Threats

It takes an average of 77 day to contain an insider incident without proper detection capabilities. The longer the threat remains undetected, the greater the potential for damage. LogRhythm gives you the insight you need to detect threats and act quickly.

How so? The LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform captures data from across your environment, providing greater context into potential insider threats. AI Engine, an integrated component of the NextGen SIEM Platform, delivers automated, continuous analysis and correlation of all activity in an environment. It delivers real-time visibility to risks, threats, and critical operations issues that would otherwise go undetected. LogRhythm’s broad set of security analytics tools enable threat corroboration and contextual risk scoring to detect and surface real threats to organizations.

The NextGen SIEM Platform also includes pre-built, automated SmartResponse™ playbook actions that provide critical threat context, effective case grouping, and fast triage to help you focus on incident response and minimize damage.

Leverage the Power of Code42 and LogRhythm

When you combine the strength of Code42 and LogRhythm, your organization can gain greater visibility into insider threats and quicken its response to potential threats. With Code42’s capability to capture file telemetry information and the power of LogRhythm’s analytics and remediation tools, the joint solution helps minimize the time it takes to detect insider threats and shortens response time to minimize damage to your organization.

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