Don’t Settle for Less: Why You Need a Pureplay Cybersecurity Vendor

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So you’ve made your case successfully and you’re now shopping for a SIEM. Aside from looking at what the software itself can do for you, we also advise purchasing committees to think about what kind of a company you’ll be working with. After all, you are looking to invest into a security partner; one that you can rely on to solve the specific security pain points you have. While generalist vendors provide a wide range of services, they might not do so with the same level of competence or a security-focused approach as a vendor who specialises in security. Here are some reasons why a generalist vendor may not be enough for your cybersecurity needs:

Focus and Specialisation on Security:

Pureplay cybersecurity vendors are just that – their bread and butter is in cybersecurity, and their only mission is to help security teams worldwide quickly secure their environments. This means that they’re incentivised to stay abreast of the latest threats. This means that they usually have a dedicated team for research, and upgrade their products rapidly to defend against these threats. Also, a security-focused vendor will provide you with a much higher level of support and service than a generalist; when you submit a support ticket, you can be sure that you’ll be interacting with an expert instead of being routed around.

Ease of integration:

This might sound counter intuitive, but a pureplay cybersecurity vendor might give you an easier time integrating with your IT and cybersecurity stack. Imagine receiving a recommendation to purchase a SIEM solution from the same business that makes the productivity suite your firm uses. You’re persuaded by how seamlessly connected everything appears to be, and the promised cost savings are the cherry on top. However, as time passes, more research reveals you need to expand your security stack with additional solutions, and you now understand the SIEM you purchased doesn’t integrate easily with these additional sources if it doesn’t come from the same product family.

The time you initially saved will end up costing you much more when you attempt to integrate all of your solutions. On the other hand, pureplay suppliers are aware of the necessity to integrate with as many log sources as they can so that your analysts can focus on the work that matter instead of building hacks to ingest logs. For example, LogRhythm 7.11, released in Jan 2023, focused on expanding supported sources.

Possibility of Divestment/Acquisitions:

Leaders understand that adjustments are required in light of the economic ups and downs in order to maintain the viability of their company. A divestment towards that business may be explored by suppliers whose primary line of business is not security so they can concentrate on that line of business. Most recently, AT&T is said to be mulling the sale of their cybersecurity business arm. This means if you bought into these partners, you’ve just invested in a team that will be undergoing massive changes, which often happen after acquisitions. You never know if the people you’ve trusted with your security will still be there when you need them.

In conclusion, a pureplay security provider has a high degree of competence and focus on security. They take a proactive approach to security to make sure that businesses are well-protected against potential threats, and they have the tools and resources to give the newest and most effective cybersecurity solutions. This is exactly what we do at LogRhythm — if you safeguard your business successfully, we prosper as well. This is why we have concentrated on making incremental improvements to our products every quarter in order to fulfil our commitments to our customers.

While generalist suppliers could provide a variety of services that work well together, you might end up stuck with one that doesn’t have the same emphasis on cybersecurity as you do. A pureplay security vendor is better suited to offer the required degree of service and support in the security landscape of today. When it comes to your cybersecurity requirements, don’t accept less. To keep your company safe and secure, pick a vendor that focuses on security and that you can rely on. Find out how we can fit into your security plan by speaking with us right away.