Security Analytics

Illuminate Real Threats

You’re worried that threats are slipping through the cracks. For the threats you can see, you’re concerned that you’re not focusing on the right ones.

LogRhythm’s comprehensive approach to security analytics gives you a holistic view. With our risk-based analytics, your team can focus on the most concerning threats.

LogRhythm Security Intelligence Model

The Forrester Wave™: Security Analytics Platforms

Security Analytics Is Essential For Monitoring, Alerting, And Operations

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Advanced Security Analytics—Simplified

You recognize the opportunity presented by big data analytics to improve your security posture. But cost and complexity is an obstacle. We built our analytics platform to efficiently serve a wide variety of security analytics needs. We’ve done the hard work to simplify the inherently complex so that you can see more, do more and protect more with LogRhythm.

Machine Learning for Advanced Threat Detection

AI Engine sees all security analytics data processed in real-time. Machine learning and other analysis techniques automatically detect behavioral changes and patterns indicative of advanced threats.

Elasticsearch-Powered Forensic Analytics

When hunting for threats or investigating an alarm, you need fast and precise access to forensic data. Elasticsearch-powered forensic analytics let you search with precision using a combination of contextual and full-text criteria. Make decisions rapidly with data analysis tools designed
for intuitiveness and speed.

Accelerate Security Adoption

Put your concerns to rest with pre-packaged threat detection and compliance automation modules. Built by LogRhythm Labs, these modules accelerate the adoption of security analytics and improve your security posture.

Easily Develop Custom Analytics

With LogRhythm, you don’t need to be a programmer to develop your own security analytics solutions. Our GUI-based rule builders let you quickly customize pre-packaged analytics modules
or create your own.

Meet Your Compliance Objectives

Our compliance automation modules will help you quickly and cost-effectively meet requirements. We have pre-packaged modules for PCI, HIPAA, SOX, FISMA, NERC-CIP, multiple ISO standards, and many more.

See Threats Across the Holistic Attack Surface

Our threat detection modules allow you to see advanced and routine threats across the full attack surface. Whether you’re concerned about insider threats, compromised endpoints, covert communications channels or physical compromise, you’ll get the visibility you need.

Speed and Scalability Matter: SANS
LogRhythm 7 Review

In this review, SANS put the LogRhythm 7.2 Threat Lifecycle Management Platform to the test, measuring its performance when placed under the daunting load of 130,000 log sources and 26 billion logs per day.

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Detect and Manage Threats in a Single Platform

Threats come from both outside and within. The initial intrusion that might become a breach could come from anywhere. You need a single view into all threats, prioritized by risk.

Our Holistic Threat Analytics Suite provides visibility into threats across the three principle avenues of attack: the user, the network and the endpoint. Let us help you command a complete view and effectively manage those threats that could really harm your organization.

Detect User Threats

Reveal attacks targeting user accounts and provide visibility into insider threats with our User Behavior Analytics.

Identify Network Threats

With our Network Threat Detection Module you can expose attacks targeting your networked systems and devices. You can also identify covert communication channels.

Expose Endpoint Threats

Find threats targeting your endpoints and servers with our Endpoint Threat Detection Module, which can even catch custom malware and zero day attacks.

Easily Leverage Threat Intelligence

Integrate with threat intelligence feeds from leading commercial and open-source providers using LogRhythm’s out-of-the-box integrations in order to more precisely prioritize alarms.

Finally Realize the Promise of Honeypots

Quickly benefit from externally or internally deployed honeypots using our Honeypot Module, which helps you effectively realize value from deceptive security.

Labs Delivered, Labs Maintained

Our LogRhythm Labs experts develop and support our Holistic Security Analytics Suite and other modules so you don’t have to pull resources from your own team. Their continuous in-field and lab-based research ensures your analytics evolve as
fast as the threats.

LogRhythm Holistic Threat Analytics Reference Architecture

Security Automation and Orchestration

See how LogRhythm’s security automation and orchestration accelerates threat qualification, investigation, and remediation with incident response workflow and automated playbooks.

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