Health Care Cybersecurity Solutions

Protect Your Patients’ Safety and Confidentiality

As the health care industry works to transform its IT landscape, your organization faces the daunting task of protecting patient safety and confidentiality under a growing number of attacks. Failure to meet these threats head-on can endanger your patients, damage your organization’s reputation, and lead to severe monetary penalties.

Health Care Compliance and Security

With the LogRhythm Health Care Compliance Automation Module, you have a comprehensive security framework that can be easily tailored to fit your organization’s needs. The pre-built content includes AI Engine rules and alerts, dashboards, and reports. Fully integrated with the LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform, the module provides holistic visibility and helps you meet and exceed compliance regulations.

The LogRhythm Health Care Compliance Module offers several important capabilities to help you:

  • Collect and parse data from a health care IT environment
  • Meet and exceed HIPAA, HITECH, and MU requirements
  • Significantly reduce your organizational risk
  • Easily customize rules and alerts to fit your organization’s unique IT environment and policies
  • Gain 24x7 real-time enterprise wide visibility
  • Generate reports to easily document evidence of compliance

LogRhythm and the Health Care Compliance Module offer the most comprehensive solution to help you meet your compliance requirements and to protect patient confidentiality and safety.

Learn more by visiting our health care compliance page.

Real-Time Visibility with the Epic Hyperspace App

To meet compliance regulations, Health Care organizations are required to protect patient data, including Electronic Health Records (EHR). Yet, at the same time they also need to provide easy access of these records to a patient’s medical team, the patient, and other relevant parties. Epic is a major EHR provider serving hospitals and health systems; Epic Hyperspace is the integrated platform that hosts most Epic applications.

The LogRhythm Epic Hyperspace App provides a comprehensive package focused on providing greater visibility into Epic’s Hyperspace EHR software. This app provides you with:

  • Real-time visibility (including alarms and reports) into:
    • Inappropriate access or access attempts to patient medical records
    • Inappropriate attempts to record or download patient medical records
    • Users and systems trying to access the EHR (appropriate and inappropriate)
  • Context of the user who is accessing the patient records
  • Logic or reasoning behind the attempted access to medical records

As with the LogRhythm Health Care Compliance Module, the LogRhythm Epic Hyperspace App includes pre-built content such as AI Engine rules and alerts, dashboards, and reports. LogRhythm customers can download the app and documentation on the LogRhythm Community.

Download Epic Hyperspace App Data Sheet

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