Gain Greater Efficiency in Detecting Threats with LogRhythm NDR

Screenshot of LogRhythm NDR dashboard, showcasing Incident Score Threshold configuration capabilities.

We’re always working to improve and expand our LogRhythm NDR functionality to better suit our customers’ requirements. Last quarter, we finished overhauling our User Interface (UI) to ensure that traffic anomalies that signal malicious activity surface quickly and that information is easily digested. With the latest LogRhythm NDR release, we’ve introduced LogRhythm NDR to India, enhanced network threat detection capabilities, and added more training courses to the arsenal; helping our customers gain greater efficiency and achieving a faster time to value. 

Now Available in India 

We’re expanding LogRhythm’s global footprint by implementing an availability zone in India for LogRhythm NDR. Network and security analysts in India looking to protect their business now have the capability to efficiently monitor and analyze the vast amount of network traffic through machine learning and deterministic rules.  

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) Server Configuration 

We have delivered the capability to choose and configure any SMTP server within their NDR environment, helping our customers meet more compliance standards and customization within LogRhythm NDR.

Figure 1: SMTP server configuration helps customers meet more compliance standards

Enhanced Detection Capabilities

We’re always updating and improving our detection rules and techniques to ensure higher fidelity alarms across the network. Building on the enhancements from the last few quarters, we have improved our deterministic detections, added more safe-listing fields, and given analysts the ability to set thresholds for when an incident or case is generated. By continually enhancing detection techniques and capabilities, analysts will gain efficiency in their workflow, enabling them to spend more time on the threats that matter.

Additional NDR Product Training   

To help our customers gain more value out of the platform and quicken onboarding time, we’ve developed new in-product training and the following NDR training courses: 

  • What is NDR? – Designed as a first step for anyone new to Network Detection and Response (NDR). It defines what an NDR solution is, and why it is helpful. In addition, we’ll provide an overview of LogRhythm NDR’s unique architecture.
  • You Have NDR. Now What?One of the biggest challenges when using a new cybersecurity tool is knowing how to optimize it to meet your specific security objectives. This course offers 10 simple strategies for getting the most out of your LogRhythm NDR implementation.
  • How to Use NDR: Cases Page – Provides an overview of cases and a demo of how to investigate cases in the LogRhythm NDR platform in order to gain added insights into what is taking place in your network environment.
  • NDR Customer Onboarding: IntegrationsHow to take LogRhythm NDR to the next level by allowing the platform to collect and display data from third-party apps in the user interface (UI).

We are excited to deliver our fifth consecutive quarterly release of innovations on the LogRhythm NDR platform, keeping our promise to you. Information and documentation on all these new enhancements can be found in our Release Notes, further enabling our customers to realize the full value of the NDR platform.  

 To learn more about LogRhythm NDR, read the product data sheet or schedule a demo here.