Optimizing Threat Detection with LogRhythm NDR

Since we began our quarterly release cycle with LogRhythm NDR, we have been focusing on building a completely new user interface (UI) and introducing new features that help make the life of an analyst easier. Now that we’ve made significant strides on the new UI and analyst workflows, we are turning our attention to the behind-the-scenes enhancements to the platform itself, investing time and energy into these enhancements every month.   

Enhanced Interaction with the Database 

Every month, we release updates to improve and optimize the infrastructure of the LogRhythm NDR platform. We did a lot of due diligence this quarter to improve how the data flows into the platform. We standardized the distribution of data, streamlined calls against the database, and reduced overhead on the database. In addition, we improved the Deep Packet Investigation (DPI) engine and did a Java update. Our internal security operations center (SOC) at LogRhythm utilizes the LogRhythm NDR platform and, during this past quarter, they have tripled the amount of data ingested and saw no effects to the efficiency of the platform. 

Strengthen the Detections that Matter 

For the past few quarters, we have been working on elevating the Suricata and IDS analytics engines to ensure our customers are receiving the highest quality signals. This quarter, we have been focusing on DNS models to better align with analyst expectations and machine learning investigations. These enhancements ensure the detections and incidents  raised are the high priority incidents that analysts should focus on. 

Strengthening and optimizing the platform is  an ongoing high priority investment for us as we want to ensure our customers continue to focus on the incidents that matter. 

We are excited to deliver our seventh consecutive quarterly release of innovations on the LogRhythm NDR platform, keeping our promise to you. Information and documentation on all these new enhancements can be found in our Release Notes, further enabling our customers to realize the full value of the platform.  

To learn more about LogRhythm NDR, read the product data sheet or schedule a demo here.