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TalkTalk Customer Data Breached

Last week it was revealed that UK telecommunications company TalkTalk suffered a data breach in 2014, where customer details—such as account numbers, names and addresses—were stolen. The stolen details were then used by scammers to trick people into believing they…

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Simulated Cyber Threat Thwarted at London’s BT Tower

Earlier this week, a simulated cyber terrorist strike took place at London’s BT Tower. The event—part of the UK government-backed Cyber Security Challenge—was designed to mimic a sophisticated cyber-attack and tested the ability of amateur contestants to defend the building’s…

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Armed Forces the Latest to be Warned Against Cyber Attacks

A recent study by Lancaster University, The Future of Maritime Cyber Security, has found that Britain’s aircraft carriers and warships are at risk due to their reliance on ageing software. The research team has warned that the Royal Navy and…

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Lights, Case, Action!

LogRhythm released Case Management in its most recent update, and while I could wax lyrical about the merits of why you should be using this feature, I won’t. Instead, I’ll show you a brief video demonstration of the new feature…

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Detecting Lateral Movement From ‘Pass the Hash’ Attacks

Pass-the-hash attacks exploiting Windows operating systems aren’t anything new, in fact they’ve been around for donkey’s years; however, despite the exploit being nearly two decades old, still not much is known about the attack vector. So, in this post, I’ll…

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