The Only Unlimited SIEM Data Plan in Town

Recently, you’ve heard a lot about unlimited data plans for security information and event management (SIEM) products in the information security (InfoSec) space. However, the word “unlimited” appears not to have an agreed upon definition across vendors. In fact, other vendors have a restrictive view on “unlimited” data plans. But not LogRhythm.

At LogRhythm, unlimited data enables you to have limitless data collection and processing for the life of your term — no matter how much your organization grows. For complete visibility and protection, you can ingest and monitor all of your data (even if yours is a small or mid-sized organization). And as your organization grows, you don’t have to worry about budget constraints that force you to choose which data you can and can’t protect. LogRhythm gives you the ability to better protect your organization with our True Unlimited Data Plan at a fixed cost.

Yet one vendor is confusing the market, claiming to bring “Data to Everything” with greater flexibility to help you use more data with three new pricing models. But rather than addressing the needs of all organizations, that vendor is using a tiered pricing model that only benefits its bottom line. Only those that can afford the company’s seven-figure bills qualify for the top tier, which doesn’t cap data.

Don’t let the promise of other “unlimited” data plans fool you. Avoid predatory pricing of tiered models that make false promises. They’re not only cost prohibitive, but they’re filled with predefined, volume-based price tiers and infrastructure defined limitations that make it difficult for customers to achieve their goals of a mature security operations.

Our focus at LogRhythm is to enable all of our customers to achieve a high level of security maturity without prohibitive cost limitations. By introducing our True Unlimited Data Plan, our goal is to ensure that you achieve your goals and reduce risk in your environment at a set cost — without forcing you to spend millions of dollars to level up to something that resembles an unlimited data structure.

LogRhythm is in the business of helping customers by offering a straightforward pricing option — without tiers, hidden fees, per-core pricing, or contract surprises. Our unlimited data plan removes the financial burden that other vendors create, giving you the flexibility to scale within a predictable budget. With LogRhythm, you don’t have to worry about leaving any key data assets unprotected or unexpected costs impacting your budget.

The power of data is immense. You need to have complete visibility of your growing data sources to protect your organization. If you are “too small” to qualify for a multi-million dollar buy-in to achieve this goal, it’s time to look for an organization that offers a truly unlimited data plan that keeps your needs as its top priority.

Interested in learning more? Contact us today to learn how you can gain complete visibility and achieve budget stability while providing your organization with the protection it needs to succeed.

Lead Product Marketing Manager Sara Kingsley contributed to this blog.